Thursday, April 17, 2014

They say it's so hard to feel right (baby) when you're traveling around, quite possibly just in your mind, and the one you love is so far behind... or while being the lead guitarist in KISS, and among other things, arriving to your gigs via helicopter.  It's the simple pleasures, really, now isn't it?  Ahh.. the 70's and 80's.. born and raised in a time when I should could have been a full blorn huffing and puffing machine, working for the man at RCA.  In the wake of all the hemmin' and hawin' about hall of flame this and that, the timeliness of the release of this... HELD HOSTAGE, VOL 2., a 12" compilation featuring our sizzling tribute to the ACE man himself and his cut "Snowblind", is right on it.  Out 4/19/14 via learning Curve Records.

Held Hostage Vol 2. 
featuring tracks from powertakeOff, the Blind Shake, Seawhores, Henry Blacker, Disasteratti, Gay Witch Abortion, Prettty Please,  and Hex Machine 

Held Hostage Vol 1. also available in ltd. quatities from Learning Curve featuring tracks from the one and only Hammerhead, Dead, Gay Witch Abortion, Seawhores, Cars & Trucks, Nerves, Ouija Radio, and Hex Machine

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