Monday, March 16, 2015

Thursday, April 17, 2014

They say it's so hard to feel right (baby) when you're traveling around, quite possibly just in your mind, and the one you love is so far behind... or while being the lead guitarist in KISS, and among other things, arriving to your gigs via helicopter.  It's the simple pleasures, really, now isn't it?  Ahh.. the 70's and 80's.. born and raised in a time when I should could have been a full blorn huffing and puffing machine, working for the man at RCA.  In the wake of all the hemmin' and hawin' about hall of flame this and that, the timeliness of the release of this... HELD HOSTAGE, VOL 2., a 12" compilation featuring our sizzling tribute to the ACE man himself and his cut "Snowblind", is right on it.  Out 4/19/14 via learning Curve Records.

Held Hostage Vol 2. 
featuring tracks from powertakeOff, the Blind Shake, Seawhores, Henry Blacker, Disasteratti, Gay Witch Abortion, Prettty Please,  and Hex Machine 

Held Hostage Vol 1. also available in ltd. quatities from Learning Curve featuring tracks from the one and only Hammerhead, Dead, Gay Witch Abortion, Seawhores, Cars & Trucks, Nerves, Ouija Radio, and Hex Machine

Friday, April 11, 2014

     Friday, April 11, 9 PM
     Pissed JeansHex MachineSlugz, Daggering, DJ Marty Violence 

    @ Strange Matter - $12 (order tickets         here:
Pissed Jeans are the poster band for thirtysomething male angst. This thickneck punk n' roll band, whose raunchy midtempo riffs draw equal inspiration from the most obnoxiously inept punk bands of the early 80s (Flipper, Fang) and the gnarliest, most antisocial extremes of the early 90s grunge sound (Killdozer, The Melvins), make angry music that often focuses on life falling short of expectations. That might make them sound like a band strictly for old dudes, but those sorts of emotions aren't nearly as restricted by age as we like to pretend they are (I remember feeling that way when I was 18), and even if everything is coming up Milhouse for you personally, Pissed Jeans will still demolish you on a musical level with a truckload of heavy, pissed-off riffs perfect for lumbering mosh pits and painful stagedives.
Also on the bill this Friday night will be local powerhouse Hex Machine, who dish out that same sort of early-90s noise rock, but with more of a spastic, metallic feel. There's no telling who'll be backing Hex Machine leader Trevor Thomas at this particular show, but the man has excellent taste in collaborators, so you can expect the quality of performance to remain at the high level that's been established. Slugz have more of a straight-up old-school punk feel, which should be just the right combination of obnoxious and awesome, while local noise project Daggering will hit you with a wall of harshness to start things off. DJ Marty Violence will establish the evening's mood before and between sets, so get ready to get into it.  RVA MAGAZINEa

Friday, August 24, 2012

"Fixator" now available from Learning Curve Records!

The first pressing of the new Hex Machine album "Fixator"  is out now on 12" slabs of  black vinyl with download card included!
But wait!  There's can buy a CD "wallet" version that folds out to reveal liner "notes" (words! lyrics! mystery!) and a sleeve that reveals..a disc!  Big thanks to our friends at Noiseland Industries! For putting these things together!
Get it now! from...
Learning Curve Records Store

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Hex Machine "Chub"

Welcome web dwellers and reading and writing types out there.. if you are just tuning in, stumbling in, or passing out..these are some notes of the last little while.. this artist formally known as Hex Machine has been busy baking goods in the woods, notably a new full length titled "Fixator".  With the help of some enterprising folks in the Twin Cities of the Minnesota, we are proud to have made something that isn't half's badass, you'll see.  Yes, it has taken a metric year to hatch and we've been talking about it for quite some time.. well folks, much has taken place since then.. and these days it takes much longer to get anywhere..cigarettes take longer to smoke.. our headaches and pleasures are diverse enough to be given names..all manner of things re-shaping the birthing rituals the gods have had us become accustom to over the years.  Rest assured the themes and ideas therein contained are as timeless as they get..meaning it's surely all going to be very Greek to everyone. This is something we decided we would also show you as well as tell go ahead...roll film.