Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Hex Machine: Run to Earth

“Laying down a science
from the dusty handbooks of the heavy maple,
the maps of noise from ye olde HEX MACHINE
are covered in a fresh oil that does not wear well
to veil the not so veiled riffs of these black forests
and still...the sweet voice of the teenage werewolf.”

c/o Minimum Underdrive
2306 Lakeview Ave
Richmond, VA 23220 US

HEX MACHINE is a heavy rock 4-piece band from Richmond, VA,
formed by ex-Human Thurma bassist Trevor Thomas, on guitar and vocals,
and drum kingpin Dave Witte (Melt-Banana, Municipal Waste) in 2004.
After starting out as an improvisational / ambient metal duo, the band recruited
bass player Paul Webb, who previously was witnessed dressing in a Seahorse costume
performing composed noise music in public as Mr. Seahorse.

The new trio saw the release of their early amalgamations of riffed up AmRep flared math rock in their “S/T” 7" EP (Relapse Records) in 2006.
The same year, HEX MACHINE recruited artillery guitarist Scott Hudgins of the much praised seminal Richmond band Sliang Laos
and currently Tulsa Drone. Seasoned drummer Chris Gallo tag-teamed with Witte for the drum throne, who among other medals,
is an ex-member of Clockhammer, Malediction, and co-founder of Farquhar, filling out the powerhouse lineup.
The band has garnered a sordid cult following in appreciation in part by the likeness of what some call a "Richmond sound" and has performed across the U.S., playing numerous shows with some of the best in underground rock music.

The band has been busy lining their metal box with what else? Scotch guard and recording sessions! Most noteworthy, a pair of hot little numbers captured recently on their U.S. tour supporting Clutch and Murder By Death. Recorded at engineer Tim Green's Louder Studios (Melvins, Fucking Champs) in San Francisco, the band captured their version of the Ace Frehley cut "Snowblind" (Kiss solo records) and a track of their own devise entitled "Vivisection". The group is set to record it's as yet untitled next Full Length at Louder this summer. This past winter 2007 saw the release of the 12"+CD EP "Run to Earth" (Molsook). Recorded in Richmond at the Etching Tin with John Chambers and mastered by Colin Marston (Behold…the Arctopus / Menegroth). Go see them and give them your money!

2006 performances included: Stinking Lizaveta, Year Future, Jucifer, Dysrhythmia, Pearls and Brass, Facedowninshit, Yakuza, Graf Orlock, Capsule, Kylesa, Fuck the Facts The Catalyst, Behold…the Arctopus, Baroness, Suzukiton, Suppression, Tigershark, and Unearthly Trance.

HEX MACHINE Live Shows 2007
09 Feb Raleigh, NC w/ Double Negative
10 Feb Chapel Hill, NC - Headliners
12 Feb D.C., US w/ Teeth of the Hydra
13 Feb Richmond, VA w/ Teeth of the Hydra
16 Mar Richmond, VA - Headliners
05 Apr D.C., US w/ Todd, Vaz
06 Apr Richmond, VA w/ Todd
07 Apr Asheville, NC w/ Todd
21 Apr Richmond, VA - WRIR Benefit Show Headliners
06 June Chapel Hill, NC w/ Melt-Banana
12 June D.C., US w/ Melt-Banana
05 July Charlottesville, VA - Headliners
06 July Greensboro, NC - Headliners
07 July Knoxville, TN - Headliners
08 July Asheville, NC - Headliners
14 July Richmond, VA - Headliners
22 July D.C., US w/ Weedeater
23 July Raleigh, NC w/ Made Out of Babies
13 Aug Brooklyn, NY - Headliners
14 Aug Richmond, VA - Headliners
17 Aug Charlottesville, VA w/ RPG
18 Aug Richmond, VA w/ RPG
29 Sept Baltimore, MD w/ Bakerton Group
12 Oct Arlington, VA w/ QUI
13 Oct Charlottesville, VA w/ QUI
14 Oct Chapel Hill, NC w/ QUI
14 Nov Baltimore, MD w/ Melt-Banana
15 Nov Charlottesville, VA w/ Melt-Banana
16 Nov Charlotte, NC w/ Melt-Banana
17 Nov Atlanta, GA w/ Melt-Banana
30 Nov Richmond, VA - Headliners

•••“90s Richmond math-rockers HUMAN THURMA were one of the most intense bands of that era and place I can think of.
…members comprise HEX MACHINE, along with DISCORDANCE AXIS/MELT BANANA drummer Dave Witte, a beast on the drums. His speed and agility sound like they’re not even needed here, as the band rolls things back to about 1992 or so, when this would have been on AmRep.
It’s loose, JESUS LIZARD-esque dude rock, with yowlin’ cat vocals and a seasick pace and sense of part changes.”

•"It wasn't what I had expected...there's some really cool stuff going on here."--((Pen Rollings / Breadwinner, Loincloth))

•“Now here's a band I actually like!"
–((Brian Walsby / Manchild, Double Negative))

•“Killer tones, man." –((Dixie Dave Weedeater))

•"The low point of the show with riffs that were heavy." --((Daily Tarheel))

•"Hex Machine reminded me of the Jesus Lizard, but with King Buzzo of the Melvins on vocals and rhythm guitar.
Hex Machine rocked it the fuck out when they felt like it…."

•"The shit sounded like a well oiled tank rolling over seven churches, only pausing to reflect and laugh at the victims
and mutants they've created from a well-timed, surgical-strike..."
--((Mike Flannery/American Psycho Band/Emo’s Austin))

• "Like dreaming of being alone in the park and getting slapped by one of those big rig naked lady mudflaps, then waking up.
In the park.” --((Hannibal Lecturer))

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